NBC: Re: Voting Ocky in or out.

maxdog maxdog@UNR.NET
Sun Jun 28 17:52:27 EDT 1998

P.W. Fenton wrote:

> Somebody, I believe it was Tom Claypool, suggested that we not allow fake
> names on Blues-l.  I would be for that, but how would that be enforced?
> ...and by whom?
        How would anyone know if someone chose "Bill Smith" as a pseudonym?
There is a difference between a nickname or a handle and a fake
identity. One is used to identify the person and the other is used to
hide behind. I have no idea if Ocky would tell anyone his real name,
I've never asked him. Has anyone else? I thought I knew who he was but
changed my mind a while back. It doesn't matter much anyway. I use my
handle because it is easier to remember than my very common sounding
real name. The only time I was attacked for using my online handle and
not my real name was by James Peterson's wife/manager because she did
not like a review I posted of one of his performances. At that time I
told her my name and said "Now you still don't know me." If I knew
Ocky's real name I still wouldn't know him. Eliminating "fake names" is
not the answer to dealing with disruptive or inflammatory posts. And you
are right, how would that be enforced? If anyone has a problem with my
handle, just e-mail me offlist and I'll tell you who I am, what I do and
where I live. I'm not hiding anything. As for Ocky, ask him.

maxdog (got nothin' to hide,
www.unr.net/~maxdog/maxdog/maxdog_revealed.htm )

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