Imitation Blues/THE TRUTH

Ocky Milkman borrisbatanov@YAHOO.COM
Sun Jun 28 17:25:25 EDT 1998

This by no means is meant as a personal attack; rather it is a
statement of fact meant to silence all further useless waste of
blues-l disc space:

1) by all means direct all the hate and hate mail you want to one
Anthony Dauer--he is as bad as Edwards says he is--but,please, note
one small fact: this Dauer lives on the East Coast, I live on the West.

2) Missing from all of this is mention by Edwards why he wasted 20
hours to reaserch who I am. Here is why:

a) I responded publically to the thread "why HOF?" with "To sell
T-shirts and tickets."
b) Edwards wrote me privately to tell me that I ain't go not respect.
c) As usual, when I sense someone is taking themselves too seriously,
I responded by telling him to wear a larger hat, one that doesn't cut
off circulation to his brain. Apparently, this hit a nerve (pun),
perhaps being truer than I imagined.

The lesson to be learned from all of this: Never trust anyone who
includes a drawing in his signature made up of type script (call it
the Ocky Sign).


---Rick Edwards <voodoochile@WEBTV.NET> wrote:
> It only takes a few minutes to confirm what I have said about Ocky.
> Simply hit your "go to" button. Type in the word "hotbot" , which will
> take you to the search engine. Then type the name Anthony Dauer into
> all-the-words box at the top of the page. Then check out the returned
> anthro-l posts, his poetry homepages, and all the rest. And you can
> easily write to the jazz-l list owner, to confirm that he was kicked
> that list for death threats and for racial and cultural hate mongering
> and baiting activities. Thanks
> Rick, voodoochile, bamabluesdog

I'm NO ONE's dancing monkey. Don't come to MY show and think I'm going to shake my ass for you.

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