Denise LaSalle

maxdog maxdog@UNR.NET
Sun Jun 28 16:56:16 EDT 1998

Don O. wrote:
> A short interview with Denise LaSalle aired on local blues TV show Real
> Street Blues last weekend (I just got around to dubbing off the parts I
> want to save).  In the interview, she says she is making a farewell blues
> tour.  Her husband has recently become a minister and she is switching over
> to gospel music, exclusively.
I saw her just a couple of weeks ago with Clarence Carter. She sure
didn't display any religious leanings at that time though she did talk
highly of her husband. She also made no comments about going straight
gospel. She was rowdy and bawdy through out the whole show. At one point
she introduced the band saying "They are all good men. I should know,
I've f**ked them all!". Doesn't sound like religious conversion to me.


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