Bernard Allison IN DA HOUSE !!!!

Stephen McClaning
Sun Jun 28 10:03:23 EDT 1998

Friday, Friday, Friday !!!! Take these chains from my feet peoples. No more
kissing Mr. Bobo's ring. No more Mr. Charlie. No more making the MAN more
$$$$$. Freedom, Freedom, FREEDOM !!!!! The man took away my expenses $$$$ this
week. Lord knows he needs the $$$$ more then me. Cutting back :) I think this
train can run BOTH ways huh ???? Enough of REALITY right now. ITS BLUESTIME
Y'ALL !!!! After a WONDEFUL Mexican dinner at a NEW resturant in da BURG, its
off to the blues oasis I drink the most from. That little piece of blues
heaven, drumroll PLEASE, MOONDOG'S, where my BLUES comes to die !!!! Tonite on
the menu a rather tasty treat, BERNARD ALLISON & his band of misfits graces
the stage tonite. Bernard has brought a SIX PACK of a band with himn tonite
friends, TWO horn players, trumpet & sax, keyboards, bass, drums and the MAIN
ingedient BERNARD ALLISON. The band starts out with a real nice jazzy, rockin'
little instrutmental thang the gets my feet to tappin'. Bernard then makes his
appearence and LOOK OUT MOMMA its SHOWTIME. Bernard RIPS into BABY CHILE from
his recent Cannonball outing KEEPING THE BLUES ALIVE, a tasty CD folks. One
thing aboput Bernard, he never plays the song the same way twice. WORK OUT my
man. Lots of room, lots of horns, lots of keys, and LOTS of paint peeling,
door busting BLUES. guitar !!!! The TWO horn players are MONSTERS !!!! Bernard
did GOING DOWN,  and the flame was burning red hot :) Bernard did a little
tribute to his DADDY with BAD LOVE (SWEETTT !!!) and  LIFE IS A BITCH (a song
we ALL can relate to sometimes huh ?) Two really cooking tunes that got the
DOGHOUSE dancers out there chairs and out on da floor. Did a real nice YOUNG
BOYS BLUES giving his talented band a whole lotta room to EXPRESS themselves,
which they did EXTREMELY well. First set ended with DRIVIN' Wheel and the bar
walk thing with Bernard walking down to another bar just down the street.
Would have loved to the look on the OTHER bar patrons faces when Bernard came
walking in. It is kind of a shot & a beer place and would have LOVED to have
heard the banter after his trip in. ROFLMAO !!! Bernard 's second set started
just a little bit slower with GIVE ME MY BLUES & TELL ME being the highlites
of  set. Bernard's blues are NOTHING like Daddy's. A WHOLE LOTTA FUNK, a
little bit of jazz, with a nice chunk of blues thrown in. Its a NEW GENERATION
peoples. Bernard is a guitar playing WIZARD. Jazz, blues, funk, you name it he
plays it. GREAT show Bernard. Thanks. Only complient of the night TOOO
LOOOUUUDDDD !!! And the mix was to horn friendly. Other then that a WINNER.
Chuck the soundman was bitchin' all night trying to get the sound dialed in.
Bernards sound man wore a hole in the floor running back & forth. LOL !!!
Bluespower. Over & OUT !!!!

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