Mob Mentality

Marguerita Lopez tanner@CTS.COM
Sun Jun 28 03:23:16 EDT 1998

 > And it turns out Greg and Ocky are the same dude !!!
 > Oh well, I guess it's good to know there are not TWO of them trashing
 > this list....

 > regards,

 Not that it makes any difference, but how did Ocky, who probably isn't Mr.
 Dauer, become Greg Conn?  I think this court may have an element of
 kangaroo to it.  I don't see the Milkman folding his tent.  Why don't we
 all e-mail Anthony Dauer and do a cyber-lynching?  I think some of you may
 be a bit out of your element here.  Can anyone imagine what next week is
 going to look like when it's shown that the Milkster ISN'T Dauer.  I've
 to be thinkin' Ocky's lovin' this shit.


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