BLUES-L ADMIN: Inappropriate Comment (was: Re: Imitation Blues)

Ocky Milkman borrisbatanov@YAHOO.COM
Sat Jun 27 21:36:37 EDT 1998

---David Silberberg <davidis@INTERACCESS.COM> wrote:
> At 02:34 PM 6/25/98 -0700, Ocky Milkman wrote:
> >All of the above is meant more for the few open-minded lurkers out
> >there, who may be able to take this conjecture in the way it was
> >meant, rather than those whose names daily grace this list, many of
> >whom, in my ever so humble opinion, have replaced their brains with
> >their anuses.
> >
> This is a totally inappropriate, unnecessary, mean-spirited,
> comment - and has no place on Blues-L.
> Make whatever comments you wish about the music, but keep personal
> to private communications.

Odd, how what was originally meant only as barbed humor has proven
truer than I could ever have imagined.

I'm NO ONE's dancing monkey. Don't come to MY show and think I'm going to shake my ass for you.

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