Imitation Blues

chuck nevitt ribtips@HOTMAIL.COM
Sat Jun 27 16:42:59 EDT 1998

Karen wrote:

<<The people who "sense" the interpretation you've outlined above seem
to be musicians themselves, or people who want to be, or people somehow
involved in creating and marketing the music to make a living.>>

And as such we realize the futility of reducing something as personal as
the blues into X's and Y's--it's so much more than algebra.

<<Bill (and many others of us) have no financial stake in whether the
music "sells" or not. I think that difference results in an entirely
different point of view.>>

You better hope it ALL sells...because once it STOPS you won't be
getting any new material out there in lala land!

<<Much music produced today and marketed as (let's quit with the
euphemisms) blues is blues-based, perhaps, but it isn't blues. I
recognize that. Many others on this list do, too.>>

Isn't this special...just because you and OTHERS think this way STILL
doesn't make it matter what you think--it is still just YOUR
opinion (not fact--just opinion).

<<That doesn't imply that it isn't good music or
valid music. It just means that it isn't blues. Why is that a problem?
Why can't people accept their music for what it is?>>

Good question....please feel free to keep asking yourself this over and
over (maybe it'll be like Absorbine Jr and finally soak in).

<<I hate math. I especially hate algebra. And I hate the "better than"
game. It's not a matter of one being "better" or "purer" than another.
It's a matter
of them being two different things. Can't two things be different
without implying that one is better than the other?>>

It seems to me that the X camp (ie purists) is the only one SMUG enough
to make those assertions! The rest of us seem to think it's ALL good.
It's folks like yourself whio want to constantly "throw up" boundaries
to divide what SHOULD be a unity.

<<Following this line... (which is absurd, but I'm bored)... Why are Y
people so threatened by X people? Read that question again.   Why are Y
people so threatened by X people????>>

It seems to be the other way around doesn't it--it is you who are
arguing for exclusion--while we (the Y's) are saying "hey, include us

<<Or....we can all go eat at Taco Bell and call it genuine Mexican

You can if you want too....that's your call though, not mine!


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