how to know gig is going to be hell

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can I have everyone's permission to put this list up on the Kansas City
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Gil T.

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>>1. The club listed you in their ad under the wrong name, date or didn't
>>you at all.
>>2.It's been raining for a week and they've posted a storm watch. The mayor
>>gets on tv and radio and tells everyone to stay off the roads.
>>3. The bridge is closed because of slippery conditions.
>>4. Your dog or cat pukes on your amp on your way out the door.
>>5. Your drummer sprained his wrist playing soft ball.
>>6. Your guitar player still has ringing in his ears from last night.
>>7.Your trumpet player sends a sub without telling you and he can't read
>>8. You get on stage and realize that you have 2 different shoes on.
>>9. There is a bachelor party of ten guy down in front all smoking cigars.
>>10. When you get to the gig there is a pad lock on the door, police tape
>>across the door and a shape of a guy about the size of the club owner
>>in tape on the sidewalk.
>> 11. It's Puerto Rican Day in NY and the block the club is on is in the
>>of the parade route which is blocked off for miles.
>>12. IT'S St Patricks day and the bar ran out of beer.
>>13.There's another band setting up when you walk in.
>>14. Your name is backwards on the marquis above the club.
>>15. You hear disco music playing on the house system when you walk in and
>>everyone is dressed like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.
>>15b as you set up someone asks you if you play Turn the Beat Around.
>>15c  all the woman have big hair.
>>15d  The club owner tells you he is trying out this Blues thing for the
>>time. "CAN YOU DANCE TO IT?"
>16. The juke is playing country-western music real LOUD, and all the people
>in the place are obviously really
>diggin' it.  You and your band are there to play blues and originals.
>During the first song, everybody leaves.
>17. You play contemporary electric rock, the place has you advertised as
>'Acoustic Folk-rock....'
>>all true events . What's yours
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