Imitation Blues

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Fri Jun 26 19:11:00 EDT 1998

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Subject: Re: Imitation Blues

>If blues is dead, so be it; if there are no longer musicians who can
>be original within its traditions, that's the way it is; things come
>and go, no use hanging on to empty gestures, meaningless rituals,
>preserving a corpse.

Personally I don't think the blues are *dead* - but can't (& don't want to)
debate with anyone who feels differently.  As to "hanging on to empty
gestures, meaningless rituals, preserving a corpse" - the strongest
statement any of us makes about our musical taste is in the choices we make
in listening (& buying).  If you don't like something - don't listen to (or
purchase) it.

I may be overly sensitive sometimes in thinking people are telling me how I
should think, what I should like, & ultimately how I should spend my money.
Perhaps it's just that all of us have our own style of expressing our
opinions.  Just as these artists we discuss all have their own style of
expressing *the blues* .  I do know that there are only 24 hours in a day -
& I don't want to spend too many of them interacting with people who make me
feel bad or negative.  I think there are ways to disagree with each other's
opinions without attacking each other for it.

Music (many kinds but especially that which I define as blues) has been one
of the most healing forces in my life.  When I keep that in mind - it seems
less important to force others to agree with my opinions.

That's ten minutes gone writing this when I could have been chilling with
some tunes.  Since those minutes aren't coming back - that's all the time
I'm willing to give.  Little Walter coming out of the CD player - Eddy
Clearwater going in.

A wise man said - "You can judge the decline of a society by the decline in
the manners of its members."  (They left it out of the movie.)  If that's
true - this old world might be in bad shape.

Later ... John

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