NBC:Re: How to spend $100....?

James Bardsley bardsljr@UMDNJ.EDU
Thu Jun 25 15:18:04 EDT 1998

Great idea, Chuck, 'cept I don't believe Amazon.Com carries box fans, nor
are they capable of delivering them to unnamed elderly folks ( not being
sarcastic, just getting back to my original post, in which I noted that my
sister Kathy had given me a credit at Amazon.com for my birthday)>

HOwever, I would urge anyone else who wants to celebrate my birthday ( and
thank gaud it is not one of those that has a "0" in it) to either follow
Chuck's suggestion about the box fans ( it's a terribly hot summer this
year) or to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity, one of my other favorite

chuck nevitt wrote:

> Here is a good way to spend a $100....go buy 5 box fans and give them to
> some elderly folks in your community (who are living on fixed incomes)
> to help fight this summer heat wave! The resulting good KARMA will
> probably result in that GOOD PAYING gig -- or maybe even a winning
> lottery number.
> just a thought....
> chuck n.
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