What's Weed Got To Do With It?

Thu Jun 25 12:01:24 EDT 1998

Brian wrote:

>Lisa lisa lisa, for a sec, I thought you were joking. The list of artist
>who perform under the influence is way to long to print. Now being under
>the influence and being stoned out of your head are two different things.
> A lot of guys do it to take the edge off. You probably couldn't tell that
>they were on anything though. I'm sure you've seen many a band take a short
>walk during sets.

        Right, Brian. But try playing in one of those groups. Those who took
a walk are on a different planet. If everybody's doin' it, they all seem to
be on the same wavelength. But there are times when half the band's on pot,
the drummer's on coke, and one or two members are clean. The audience may
not notice but, believe me, on stage, it's not that pleasant.

-Lisa Otey

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