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Andy Allu
Thu Jun 25 10:59:44 EDT 1998

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<<  But as taxpayers we all have a constitutional right to have some say in
 our money goes.......I'd rather my taxes went to support art & music, even if
 it is a crucifix in a jar of urine.....than the CIA...which I find much more
 offensive than anything Mapplethorp ever created......

Well put... In 1995 I had the dubious distinction of being the last ever
artist to receive an individual artist grant for Audio Recording (my approval
must have been made about 15 minutes before Newt got there with his chain
saw....) The result was my CD recording entitled Next Train Smokin' which
chronicals the development of  various Blues styles over the last six decades
(as performed by a single artist as opposed to a compilation of various
artists).  I can assure all the naysayers that the process of justifying my
project to the NEA was long, laborious and laden with checks and balances to
insure that the project had social and educational significance.

I feel very blessed (and lucky) to have had the assistance of the NEA for this
project and encourage voters and government to do what they can to restore the
NEA to it's fomer position as champion of all creative arts in the US.

After all, the NEA and Corporation for Public Broadcasting/National Public
Radio only cost taxpayers less than $2 each per year IF THEIR FUNDING IS FULLY

Son Lewis
Silk City Recording Artist

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