National Sing Out Day

Vincent Vialard
Thu Jun 25 08:00:54 EDT 1998

Bob Unger wrote:
> I just heard that today is National Sing Out Day.  At anytime during
> the day, if the mood strikes you, start singing out - loud and clear.
>  It's OK - today you're allowed to and you wont be arrested.  ;-)

Since 1981, june 21st is the "music day" in France. There are
musicians, bands, orchesters in every club, in every bar, on
every corner. It's great !

I know the french Consulates in the states have been organizing
some small events in a couple of cities, but the laws won't allow
the freedom we have here.

We played on a square from 8 PM till 1 AM, borrowing the current
from a bar, gathering a crowd of 300-500 people.

The deal is mainly to allow anybody to get out and play, and usually
there is no $$$, except for the bands who have a deal with bar

In a city of 150 thousands, there were at least 50 bands on the streets,
ranging from church choir to bang-my-head-hardcore (more of the later).

Professionnals usually all find work on this day, and amateurs get
a chance to play in front of an audience.

I read somewhere that there are now 90 countries in the process, surely
through events organised by the consulates, but hope it will grow to
a real international size.

Vincent, french exiled in Germany (no music fest here...)

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