What's Weed Got To Do With It?

chuck nevitt ribtips@HOTMAIL.COM
Wed Jun 24 18:01:38 EDT 1998

Fred wrote:
<<Consider where music would be had Louis Armstrong given up, smoked his
weed and never gone to Chicago.>>

Ok, I'll bite...w/ apologies to Tina.. "What's weed got to do with it?"

I know you are waay into Louis Armstrong and things of that era (I know
only the sketchiest basics) so I am wondering what the heck you mean by
the above statement.
Are you saying that if Louis had smoked weed he wouldn't have become the
icon of American music that he is?

I'll be truthful here--*a lot* of blues performers I have met over the
last 25 years DID smoke weed--and I can't say for sure that they would
have been better if they didn't. In the T-Bone biography by Helen Dance
she makes mention of the jar full of weed that seemed to omnipresent
during her interviews at his home in L.A. ZuZu (whose career was put on
hold for a short federal sentence for a few joints) told me that he &
Bone would always get together and burn a couple when he came thru
town--a practice Bone seem to adhere to till his last days. After all,
Muddy himself sang of it's virtues in Champagne & Reefer!

It's common knowledge that Gate used the stuff like it was going out of
style for many years until recently--and he somehow seemed to maintain a
good reputation for being nreliable. I am not going to argue about
whether it's right or wrong (because of the legal problems it is
inadvisable to anyone to use) but given mans (not all men) nature to do
things like this I would rather hire a WEEDHEAD than a LUSH or
CRACKHEAD! And believe me when I say that WE HAVE PLENTY of both in the
blues field (hell, in every field, even Wrigley) and if you ever have to
do business with either one in the picture you'll know JUST what I

<<Not to mention where he would have been>>

Another question about Louis--was he doomed to failure had he stayed in
New Orleans? Like I said I don't know much about him or his Chicago
connection...just wondering.


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