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Wed Jun 24 09:01:25 EDT 1998

William Sakovich wrote:
> Someone (I forget who) writes:
> >  15d  The club owner tells you he is trying out this Blues thing
> for the first
> >  time. "CAN YOU DANCE TO IT?"
> I don't understand. Why is this a problem?
> Most "classic" blues is extremely danceable. That's what it primarily
> is, party music for dancing.

Not today.  This is primarily what it WAS for audiences who danced to it
back then.

There was a discussion a while back about dancing, and how it's more
than "just the beat" - it turns out that dancers want to hear particular
SONGS. I could never figure for the life of me why I'd play two
different songs with IDENTICAL rhythms, tempos, chords, bass lines, but
different melodies and lyrics, and people would dance to one but not the

The music I play is definitely danceable.  People dance to it all the
time. ANY music with a beat and a reasonable tempo is danceable.  The
question is, is the AUDIENCE into THIS KIND of dancing.  I was recently
offered a gig to play "dance music".  I said "Sure I play it - what
exactly did you have in mind?"  "Oh, rhumbas, sambas, tangos - we really
like the latin dances".  I turned it down.

I play regularly at Belmont Station, a blues club that features blues
during the afternoon and a DJ who plays rap, hiphop, and techno for
dancing at night.  During the day, blues fans dance to my blues.  If I
play a little late and the "young" crowd comes in, they hardly ever
dance, until the DJ comes on.  Then the floor is packed.

So I think you're way off base here, Bill.

It's not the band that determines whether the music is danceable.  It's
ALL danceable, even the oddly (to us) metered Turkish and Greek folk
music.  The DANCERS are what determines whether it's danceable.  And
these days, they want records, rappers, scratching, and drum machines
(but not the one I use - it's programmed with blues and jazz rhythms :-)

Check out the DANCE music on my web site (now is that slick or what?)

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