Is the Blues Being "Loved" to Death

Daniela Herloff
Tue Jun 23 16:37:56 EDT 1998

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 FAns /can/ do some damage.  If the fans of some (choose your own favorite
 horrible example- Eric C, BB King, whoever) convince the marketing people
 that the bad guy is "the real thing" this can affect what gets recorded and
 promoted.  I suspect that at the larger labels, there are few in the
 hiearchy that really like and understand most of the music they sell- they
 rely on the advice of others.

 I don't have a comparable example in blues (although I'm sure there must be)
 but Ruby Braff (trumpet player) once commented that John Coltrane really
 loved to do ballads and did them very well, but after his "A Love Supreme"
 and similar efforts, his "fans" wouldn't let him do the more lyric material,
 and when he did an album with singer Johnny Hartman they denounced him for
 selling out.

 That was the sort of thing I had in mind when I made my remarks about "Fans
 being the larger danger".  "Fans" also get persons more on the periphery
 turned off by idiotic behavior.

 After all, the root of "Fan" is "Fanatic".

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Thanks for pointing this out, Fred.


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