Nick Katzman and Ruby Green

Tom Ball
Tue Jun 23 02:11:53 EDT 1998

re: the post:
I don't know if Kicking Mule has released anything on CD, but I highly
recommend these (Nick Katzman & Ruby Green) albums to others on the Blues-l
discussion group.
Agreed, they are great LPs!
Kicking Mule Records was sold a few years back (along with Takoma) to
Fantasy, who has reissued a few titles on CD (I know this because,
fortunately, one of them was my solo guitar CD.) To my knowledge, however,
they have yet to reissue Nick & Ruby's stuff.  More's the pity, as they are
terrific records and well deserve to see the light of day on CD....
It probably couldn't hurt to send mail or email to Fantasy and request
their reissue...?

Tom Ball & Kenny Sultan

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