Nick Katzman and Ruby Green

Daniela Herloff
Mon Jun 22 23:05:14 EDT 1998

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 >     Daniela; I have both Nick Katzman and Ruby Green albums that were
 released on Kicking Mule and I will attest to how brilliant his guitar
 playing is.
    I don't know if Kicking Mule has released anything on CD, but I highly
 recommend these albums to others on the Blues-l discussion group.
    Ruby Green is a fine singer who invites comparison to Janis Joplin, and
 Nick's fingerpicking work was ASTONISHING!
    Please tell him that his two albums are still listened to hear in the U.S.
 Mike Billo
That is so exiting! I'll call him sometime next week.
Thanks.                             Daniela

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