NBC: Blues evolution, etymology, etc, etc..

Mon Jun 22 21:32:42 EDT 1998

Blake J. Wintory wrote:
> On Mon, 22 Jun 1998, Riffin Rick wrote:
> > >The viability of a society can be gauged by it's ability to communicate...
> > I just hope Magic doesn't have someone I admire like BB King on the show
> > and then speak like an idiot to him.  IMHO, BB is a master communicator. :-)
> Are we judging someone's intelligence by the dialect they speak.  Maybe we
> should judge the "viability" of a society by who is allowed to speak and
> who isn't allowed.
I can see both sides of this discussion, but remember in days gone by
that people who wanted to get into fields where their speaking voices
would be heard by many would get coaching to lose regional accents so
that they could be easily understood by all.

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