The funk is definitely in the house.

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Mon Jun 22 20:33:58 EDT 1998

In my role as a reviewer and reporter of things blues for a free weekly music magazine (covering all genres plus art, theatre, comedy and eating out) in Sydney, Australia I receive swags of new CDs each week. 
As many will appreciate there is the usual proliferation of releases in the Texas? style (read full-on guitars played through "Spinal Tap" amplifiers, you know the ones with volume knobs that go up to 11) that needs to be waded through.
Of course some of them are good albums.
But, I have digressed.
Among the many CDs I have the pleasure or otherwise of listening to there often appears those that can only be regarded as gems.
One such release is not strictly speaking of the blues genre, but I thinks is worth telling all and sundry about.
The album is 'Funk Is In The House' from Walter "Wolfman" Washington & The Roadmasters (Bullseye Blues & Jazz CD BB9599).
Being an old Blood Sweat & Tears and Chicago fan, this album just blew me away from the first listen. In fact, it hasn't been out of the player for three days.
The rhythm section is tight as, the frontline horns are kick arse and boy can this guy sing (More feel than the back row of a picture theatre).
In addition to his vocal prowess, his guitar playing is as good as you'll hear anywhere.
Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, if you like to get funkified every now and then, grab a copy.

Geoff Bell
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