CBC Newsworld - B.B. King Interview (Report)

Robin Banks rbanks@CIACCESS.COM
Mon Jun 22 11:10:14 EDT 1998

T.K. wrote this about B.B. King:

I came away with even more respect for the man than before (if that's

> What a great guy!

And it always amazes me how modest and gracious he is. Always claiming that
he's still learning, or that he can't play chords etc. so HE says! Heck, I've
heard him live, playing jazz chords quite a bit lately...

In this business, it is rare and and admirable to see a man so gracious. I
only wish that more of us would strive for those characteristics. A lesson to
be learned...

I believe,


How bout a new thread... Other Bluesmen/women known for their (gracious or
not!) behavior.

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