John Lee Hooker - Arlington Hts., IL - 6/20/98

David Silberberg davidis@INTERACCESS.COM
Mon Jun 22 10:21:29 EDT 1998

At 07:34 PM 6/21/98 -0700, Wild Bill wrote:
>Mr. Hooker played the Guinness
>Fleadh yesterday at the (now closed down) Arlington International
>(horse) Race Track in Arlington Heights, Illinois and it was certainly
>the high point of my day, week and month.
>The Fleadh is a big excuse for anyone claiming Irish ancestry to
>get drunk and party.  The performers were mostly Irish but others
>such as Tracy Chapman and Los Lobos were on the bill.

Do you think the Irish get as upset about such "non-Irish" acts at an Irish
festival as we do about non-blues acts at HOB?

Just askin'....

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