Gig Horror Stories... was: Real BLUES gigs was: Saturday night gig hell! Ever have one of "those" nights?

Robin Banks rbanks@CIACCESS.COM
Mon Jun 22 07:53:27 EDT 1998

OK, I'll play...

Back in 1992, I hired Mark Martin (a great Bluesman who's now my wonderful
husband...) as my guitar player. He bought a new Fender Bassman re-issue (amp) as
soon as he got the gig. About two weeks later, we were doing a gig and after the
first set of the evening, I was pulling something out from behind his amp when I
accidently spilled a glass of draft beer over his new amp onto the hot tubes... it
fried! Cooked a couple tubes, the main fuse and all the internal fuses.

I was soooo imbarrassed! I felt so bad... but Mark, like a pro, managed to get
through the night playing through the PA. If I were him, I'd have strangled me,
then quit! But he didn't!

Ten months later, we were married! And he's still putting up with me, 5 years, and
a few more amps and guitars later!


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