Why HOF? Why not?

Jeff Seale docstymie@YAHOO.COM
Sun Jun 21 18:23:38 EDT 1998

Since I was around when the Blues-L HOF started, I thought I'd throw
in my $0.02. As best I recall, back when the list was much smaller,
someone (probably LW) was talking about the typical awards, etc. and
asked the rhetorical question, "why don't we have our own HOF?" Many
of us thought it was a good idea and walla! the Blues-L HOF was born.
Seems to me like it is nothing more than a popularity contest.
Whomever gets the required votes gets in. Are there worthy people left
out? Sure. Is that so bad? In a cyberworld like this, most of the
stuff that we do doesn't matter. The noteable exceptions being when we
put aside all the petty crap that goes on and put our heads/hearts
together for the blues, i.e. the Lemon Jefferson grave marker, the air
conditioner for Jessie Mae Hemphill, the Blues-L tape for Blues
Heaven, etc.

So, go ahead and bitch about it if it makes you feel better...

-Jeff (we need another Blues-L project)
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