Sun Jun 21 17:26:09 EDT 1998

Hi y'all...
  Well, nobody could be more delight to see that Honeyboy Edwards is
getting all this great press. He certainly deserves it. He's put on some
incredible shows lately. Recently Chicago (the Blues Fest) was one of
them, and it was there his label owner and friend, Michael Franks, was
plotting just who he'd try to put together with Honeyboy for his
upcoming birthday party. I'm glad it turned out so great.
   I'm amazed at the man. He's really getting up there, but travels
around like crazy. His schedule is outrageously packed. Franks says it
boggles even HIS (Franks') mind, but "Honey says 'let's go!'" -- smile.
The last performance he did at the Chicago Blues Fest was only an hour
before a departing plane for Maryland.
   I hope you ALL get out and see him while you can. He's a great
story-teller, and his connections to a myriad of our blues heroes is not
to be denied. I'm tickled that I'll get to see him again in Portland
   I've been biting my lip (as I've had to wait to post it), but in
July, you'll see a long interview with him up on my web page. Give that
man a jar of homemade jam and you just can't shut him up (smile).
   I, for one, am enjoying as much of his amazing spirit while I can.
Hope you do too.

Cathi N.

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