More Oxford American

Juke Welker
Sun Jun 21 15:30:48 EDT 1998

Also in double issue #21-22....article (with a great photo) of Othar Turner
and other articles on the Hackberry Ramblers; Pops Staples; Rev. Willie
Morganfield; Dave Meyers; Gatemouth Brown; Lee Dorsey; Olu Dara; John Fahey;
Sun Ra and much more.  There's also a a wonderful cartoon history of Louis
Jordan (4 pages). And in the back, af antastic photo of Rev. Gary Davis with a
young fan. (Capt. Beefhart makes an appearance in this issue, also.) I could
go on and on....there's so much.

There's an article I'm getting ready to read called "Crossing Country" about a
box set called From Where I Stand: The Black Experience in Country Music - 3
CDs. (One of the quotes from the article: "Most people would rather think of
Leadbelly as a bluesman than a black country singer.")

Many of you probably know about this magazine....but I just discovered it and
it is well worth the $7.50 newstand price (this from someone who usually
wouldn't think of spending that much on a magazine).  I don't know if that
price is because it's a special issue.  As I said in the post before, a cd
comes with it and there's a song by Othar Turner plus The Staple Singers, Dave
Myers....and others...not all of the songs are along those lines, however.
But, still, some good music that comes along with a lot of interesting

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