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Don O. don.o@chrysalis.org
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At 13:48 6/20/98 -0600, Fred Dabney <fdabney@NMSU.EDU> wrote:
>So why do you not only allow others to demean
>your work, but do it yourself?  Use of the term "product" makes it sound
>like you are scuffling for shelf space next to the other brands of

Product- 1. Something produced by nature, industry, or art.

Websters New World Dictionary, Pocket edition, an old one, but handy.

If a promo guy were to call me up and ask if we had received their "art",
or "the tortured musings of our musical poet's soul" I'd probably think
they were "bats" and hang up on them.

CD's are made to be sold, for money, and, hopefully, for a profit.  They
are shipped to radio stations to, hopefully, be played on the air and sell
more units.

When you sit on your front porch and play for fun with your friends that's
art.  When you charge people to listen, either on CD or live, that is
business.  There is nothing demeaning about calling a CD a "product"
because it is one.  Blues is a business.  It is a very hard business.
There is, hopefully, plenty of "art" in there, but every blues musician I
know is trying to make MONEY with music.

Don O.

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