A Dave's CC moment (or three)

maxdog maxdog@UNR.NET
Sat Jun 20 03:09:48 EDT 1998

1.    The front door to Dave's CC Club is crumbling. The lock no longer
works. Although a new door is in the plans, the way they lock up now is
to pull an old rusty pickup truck up against the door and lock the truck
up. Someone referred to it as a "redneck deadbolt".
    I sure hope the new door doesn't subtract from the charm of the

2.    Someone at Dave's came up with a set of 4 chairs all connected
together like in a waiting room. They put these seats under the canopied
"tunnel" leading to the front door. During one break last night the
seats were occupied by three men and one dog.
    I've got to start carrying a camera.

3.    Brother Terry usually keeps a bonfire burning outside. It's a
favorite gathering place during band breaks. A week ago Dave asked Terry
to light the fire on a 90 degree night. He said "There's the wood,
here's the matches, light your own damn fire!" and went inside to dance.

God, I love this place!


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