The passing of Archie Edwards

Steven Levine slevine@CLARK.NET
Fri Jun 19 12:54:14 EDT 1998

This is unfortunate news. I had recently heard that Archie's condition was
not as bad as was reported here, and that he was recovering. But I got
confirmation today that Jerry's message is true.

Archie was one of the first Piedmont blues artists I ever saw live, and he
was one of the last living ones from his generation. The only living ones
I can think of now are John Cephas, John Jackson and John Dee Holeman (I
think that's his name - from North Carolina).

I regret never attending one of Archie's barbershop jams. He used to
perform for Barry Lee Pearson's folklore classes when I was a student at
University of Maryland. I saw him many times, and always enjoyed him.
Pearson wrote a book called Virginia Piedmont Blues about Archie and John

I'm doing a WAMA Crosstown jam show tonight with some
local acoustic playes who were very close to Archie. I have a feeling
tonight could turn out to be a tribute to him. Archie was one of the
founders of the DC Blues Society, and he will be
missed by all of us.

-Steve Levine, DC Blues Society

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