The passing of Archie Edwards

Jerry Zolten
Fri Jun 19 10:39:55 EDT 1998

Piedmont blues singer Archie Edwards regretably passed away today at age
80. He learned the blues from local performers and old recordings he heard
as a kid growing up in Union Hall, Virginia. Many years later, he moved to
Washington, D.C., where he became a close friend and student of Mississippi
John Hurt, whose records Archie had heard as a kid. In DC, Archie ran a
barber shop that became a meeting place for blues pickers who would come in
from all around to take part in the jam sessions. Archie is profiled in the
March/April, 1996 (issue #126) LIVING BLUES.
Condolences can be sent to Archie's family at:
1151 Booker Drive
Mt. Pleasant, MD  20743

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