Paying the piper, again

David Wade wademade@WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Thu Jun 18 22:32:06 EDT 1998

I have a question of ethics to all of you out there.  I have a lot of
respect for the working Blues artist and I avoid bootlegging music.

However, a dear friend has been trying to find a CD version of an out
of print, 20 yr old album I have (that I won't let go of).  I
contacted the band and they said they have no intentions of
re-releasing that album on CD so I connected my stereo to my
CD-recorder and made a copy for her.

Although to some it may be no big deal, I still feel like I owe the
band something.  I was figuring on a round of drinks the next time
they came through town.  What's fair?


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