[Blues today]

Fred Dabney fdabney@NMSU.EDU
Thu Jun 18 15:10:58 EDT 1998

>Seems like I'll have to question once more:
>Who wants to beat anybody out there ?

I don't, but the "My daddy can beat your daddy" effect stays with a lot of
people well into supposed maturity.  Hence the rivalry between fans of
different bands, sport teams, etc.

It's understandable to some extent.  We like to think we know enough to pick
the best, and hardly anyone ever says "Ahh, second best is good enough for
me" whether it be politics, religion, or art.  So when someone touts some
other choice we can feel threatened.  And many, when called on to justify a
choice will become beligerent, often resort to personal attacks on the
holder of the different point of view.

This, btw is not a purely male, too much testosterone thing.  I saw a couple
of adolescent girls break into a fist fight in a record store over which
teen fave "artist" was a rock-sucker.

Fred D.

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