Stolen Gear mention

Fred Dabney fdabney@NMSU.EDU
Thu Jun 18 03:53:43 EDT 1998

>Musicians, please make a note of all the serial numbers of your equipment :
>amps, guitars, mikes, ... If they're ever stolen or destroyed, it will be a
>lot easier to report this to the police or the insurance company.

Police recommend engraving a social security number into any item that would
be of value if stolen.  It makes identifying an item a lot easier should it
be picked up in a police sweep or be recovered in a raid.

Of course, there are probably items you wouldn't want to mar this way, but
I'd suspect amps etc would be good places to place this information.  I keep
/all/ my instruction manuals for various tools, electronics doo-dads etc
with the sales slip and other proof of purchase in a separate file cabinet.
It helped me recover some stolen computer gear and tools when my house was
burglarized one night while I was at work.

If not a SSN, then a purely arbitrary set of letters and initials of which
you have a record you can present to police can serve.  The idea here is
that you can sell an item without the new owner having to worry about having
the wrong SSN on the item.

Fred D.

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