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Ed Vadas wrote:
> In a message dated 98-06-17 13:25:22 EDT, BluesALife@AOL.COM writes:
> << ou are right about booking tours! Any solid help will be greatly
> appreciated
>  Now we come to sending CD's to radio stations : Do you have any idea how much
>  money that cost?!?! I can't afford it. Same goes for ad's, have you checked
>  prices on that lately? >>>
> There is nothing special about your predicament.   All of us players have to
> deal with the same problems   If your persistent, and the artist delivers the
> goods,  well then in a few years you can be in the same earning bracket that
> all us rich and famous artists are in.
> How to make a million dollars in show-biz..... start with two million

And Ed's absolutely right.  Most of the DJs don't get paid to do it.
They're typically doing it free at college stations, who likewise have
limited funds.  Many (most?) of them depend on being comped (free CDs
from the artist or record company).  Besides, they'd never be able to
buy them if they're not in a record store near them (distribution), and
no one will distribute a CD that's not getting air play.

If you're looking for easy money, you won't find it in blues, especially
in Austin TX.  BUT - if you DO find it, PLEASE let me know!

One big reason I work solo (electric harmonica, guitar, bass pedals - at
the same time - and sing) is because there's more money in it for me
when I don't have to pay a bassist and drummer.  (The other reason is
"because I can" :-)

There are ways to make money in music, but many of them are anything but
glamorous.  Parties usually pay great when you can get them.  Lessons
can work well as long as you can control the "last second cancellation"
problem (one solution is to bill by the month, payable in advance,
whether the lesson is used or not), etc.  Many folks doing well in music
these days do so through a combination of things like these.

What you WILL find, though, is that there are a lot of us here who are
doing it who will be more than glad to share what we've got in the way
of knowledge, contacts, tricks, and such.

Check out the sound bytes on my web site below - they're from my CD,
which was recorded live in studio.

I'm working on getting some RealAudio clips done (They play instantly.)
My computer need upgrading to handle the RA recorder :-(

BTW, Tower keeps tabs on how many "hits" my CD gets on their website,
hint hint (Click on, then type "ironman"
into the "search" field :-)

 -- IronMan Mike Curtis
The One Man Blues/Jazz Band
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