Fathers Day tunes

Leonard Watkins ISTS024@UABDPO.DPO.UAB.EDU
Wed Jun 17 10:38:16 EDT 1998

Doing the Fathers Day dinner at a retirement home and would like to throw in
a related tune. No doubt it's gonna be very tough one to do.

Played a glorious reitrement apartments last night. A beautiful place and THE
best live room we have ever played, very large, high ceilings. A breath taking
place. The apartment dwellers were dressed up like Cinderella at the Ball, best
looking crowd ever had. They had steak dinner and sent us home with dinners
that was GREAT food.
One lady came up afterwards and said "That steel guitar is the most beautiful
guitar I have ever seen but the other one has better RESONANCE" !!. She went
on to explain that husband had several old Gibsons like mine. She offered to
help us load up and I asked her name "Onelle" which is a very fitting name
for my new Johnson GUITAR.
One last thing there was one name that
a grandchild (40ish) mentioned regarding "Key To The Highway", ERIC CLAPTON


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