Disciples of T-Bone Walker

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Wed Jun 17 09:48:44 EDT 1998

Art Shuna wrote:

<<While listening to an old Blues Boy LP by Goree
Carter, I got to thinking about people that were
influenced by T-Bone Walker.  I thought this would
be a great theme for a radio show.  I'm looking
for suggestions for artists who would fit this
subject heading.  The simple answer to this
question would be anyone who picked up an
electric guitar to play the blues.

<<Some of the obvious choices would be guys
like Peewee Crayton, BB King.  What I'm looking for
are suggestions for lesser knowns like Goree Carter.

<<BTW - The Carter LP had great liner notes by Dick
Shurman who interviewed the man.  Carter admits to
picking up a guitar after his sister brought home some
T-Bone 78s.  He says he even subbed for T-Bone on occassion. He said his
live performances were more T-Bone in style than his blues 78 releases
which he tried to develop his own sound.  By a great coincidence, I came
across a Sitting In With label 78 of Carter just after listening to this
LP.  The interesting thing is that although both sides are credited to
Carter and have the statement "Goree Carter Sings", in reality Goree is
only on one side.  The B-side of this release is a honking sax
instrumental with no guitar.>>>

Art...as you know I dig my "T-Bone" well done--and here's a few who can
cook it just that way!:

ZuZu Bollin
Duke Robillard
Hash Brown--ck his guitar on Big Al's take of T-Bone Blues
Sumpter Bruton (of the Juke Jumpers)
Ronnie Earl
Pete Mays
Joe Hughes
Mel Brown
Wayne Bennet
Roy Gaines
Rick Holstrom
Kid Ramos
Jr. Watson
Hollywood Fats
T-Bone Walker Jr (actually a nephew I think)
Floyd McDaniel
Teddy Morgan
Chris Masterson

that ought to get ya started...

chuck n.

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