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chuck nevitt ribtips@HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Jun 16 20:54:51 EDT 1998

Daniela wrote:

<<Dear Chuck! You've got a great attitude. You're still a little off.
I'm not trying to "make money" on the Blues, we're trying to

A great attiude...that's the first time I've been accused of that on
this list!<s>

As far as me implying that you are trying to make money-- what I was
attempting to do (poorly i reckon) was take up for ya. I also meant
every word I said--so it wasn't a far reach! I'm sorry you took it the
way you did. Things sometimes get lost in the translation...

<<An Blues artist or artist in general should'nt have to do a dishwasher
job or something of that nature to live and be able to play music.>>

Hey now you're talkin'!  No one should have to live on minimum wage--no
matter how many CEO's say it can be done!

<<That's something we learned a long time ago in Europe. You'll be
surprised, how much great music you'll get to hear and buy!!!>>

Oh no I won't! I have been ate up with buying and listening to records
for many years now!

chuck n.

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