Larry Garner Was/Re: Costing me money

maxdog maxdog@UNR.NET
Tue Jun 16 16:51:13 EDT 1998

    I just found out this afternoon that Larry Garner will be playing at Dave's
CC Club this Friday night the 19th. Pat Ramsey will be there Thursday night.
I'm looking forward to seeing Larry Garner after all the positive comments on
this list. I don't think I've heard anything by him before but I will
definitely be there to see what all the hoopla is about. I hope he pulls a good
crowd, as hot as it's been a lot of folks just stay home in the AC.


Robert J Dewar wrote:

> Absolutely.  Where can I send the bill for all the purchases I`ve made as a
> result of this list?
>   JUst when my finances get in order,somebody turns me on to another artist
> who I end up buying his entire output.
> Current case in point : Larry Garner
> Other infamous examples:  Bobby Blue Bland, Robert Ward, Snooks Eaglin,
> Freddie King,Kenny Blue Ray

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