Bentonia blues styles

Tom Freeland thf4@WATERVALLEY.NET
Tue Jun 16 17:20:39 EDT 1998

On 16 Jun 98 at 13:12, Maggie Mortensen wrote:

> Man, the deejay I was listening to must've had some stupendous
> record collection (or been a stupendous liar), 'cause he played at
> least four or five artists whose names I hadn't heard of, and I
> can't believe our two resident Mississippi experts wouldn't know
> about them.
> I'll have to try to catch his show next Sunday and call him about
> it...
> The description of a player who uses only his thumb and first 3
> fingers doesn't ring a bell with you, Tom?

Doesn't ring a bell with me, or with Peter Lee (I called him and
asked).  He's also convinced that James, Owens, and Henry
Stuckey were it (so far) for Bentonia recordings (Bud Spires
recorded with Owens, btw, and I didn't name him.

Peter Lee recorded Joseph Stuckey (kin of Henry Stuckey who taught
Skip James), Cleo Pullman (harp player), Tommy Lee West, Holmes
Brothers, Jack Owens, and Bud Spires. It's mainly acoustic and will
have 15-18 tracks. The recordings were made summer before last.

Tom Freeland

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