HOFNOM: nominate Son House

Dick Waterman Jinxblues@aol.com
Mon Jun 15 17:58:27 EDT 1998

I would like to nominated Son House for the Blues-L Hall. He was one of the
true giants of the Paramount era (i.e. 1930), ascertained his greatness a
decade later for the Lomax recordings (i.e. 1941-1942) and remained a powerful
performer when he was rediscovered in the 1960s.

The measure of Son House should be recognized not only for his own artistry
but on the faces of Muddy Waters, Howling Wolf, Jimmy Reed and all other blues
performers when they were in his presence. They accorded him the respect of
being the major influence in their careers.

Many blues fans trace their first exposure to the music to attending one of
his concerts in the 1960s. His many appearances in the United States, Canada
and throughout Europe provided blues fans with an authentic blues performance
unchanged from the way he played this music dating back to the 1920s.


Dick Waterman

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