Alan Haynes update/benefit info

Mon Jun 15 15:05:28 EDT 1998

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>Date: Sat, 13 Jun 1998 15:14:25 EDT

>We talked to Alan last night......he had an MRI done & the prognosis is
>He doesn't need surgery afterall. He is healing ok. The things he has been
>doing as far as physical therapy have been helping. The Dr says he should
>notice improvement in 2 weeks. He said he already can move his arm up
higher &
>use his fingers more. He can button "some" of his shirts now, he says. The Dr
>says.....he WILL play his guitar again. That lifted his spirits. He hopes to
>begin playing around Austin in late August, then back to normal in Sept.
>Alan still needs help. Keep him in your prayers & the Po Box is STILL open
>cards, tapes, well wishes, etc:
>Alan Haynes
>PO Box 724
>Aledo,Tx 76008
>There will be a benefit for him at Blue Cat Blues, Dallas Tx, Thursday June
>18th with Jim Suhler. I hope to have some cd's for sale there. Hope y'all can
>come out for a little bit, it's for a good cause, ya know. ;-)
>Later y'all,
>Lynn :-)
Don O.

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