Gear: CD-R?

bob vanarsdall rvana@MINDSPRING.COM
Sun Jun 14 16:59:50 EDT 1998

About 8 months ago, back when Don C. was on the List, there was a
discussion about CD-R technology. I'd like to revisit that a moment with
anyone who's burning their own CD's, either with a computer CD-R or one of
the newer "audio-based" CD-R's like those from Philips and Yamaha to see if
things have progressed. The proces sure have come down.

First off: any difference between the computer ones and the audio-based
ones, other than price. The audio salesperson with whom I spoke gave me a
bunch of mumbo-jumbo about "not the same quality", etc. But isn't a digital
copy a digital copy?

Secondly: are there some CD-R's which won't play in audio CD players? If
so, which ones?

Third: any recommendations on equipment?

My 3-head cassette tape deck is biting the dust, and rather than get it
repaired or spend the bucks to replace it, this may be the next place for
my equipment dollars...


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