Rbt. Jr. Lockwood with Snooky Pryor

chuck nevitt ribtips@HOTMAIL.COM
Sun Jun 14 15:37:26 EDT 1998

Wild Bill wrote:

<<I don't know if it was planned ahead of time but Robert got Snooky up
on stage with him for a several numbers. Snooky had played a set before
Robert. The MC said they hadn't played together for 20 years. Snooky in
opinion really overshadowed Robert in the time they were up there

This may have been what Robert had in mind when he invited Snooky up on
stage with him. This is exactly what he did when he played on records
with Sonny Boy II -- and why I dig his playing so much. Not to mention
he's about 80 years old--and doesn't have much to prove--because as a
sideman they don't come much better than him (IMO).

chuck n.

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