Rbt. Jr. Lockwood with Snooky Pryor

Wild Bill wildbill@IBM.NET
Sun Jun 14 14:53:44 EDT 1998

Hey, this was a good combination last night at the Fox Valley Blues
Festival ("Blues On The Fox") in Aurora, Illinois.  I don't know if
it was planned ahead of time but Robert got Snooky up on stage with
him for a several numbers.  Snooky had played a set before Robert.
The MC said they hadn't played together for 20 years.  Snooky in my
opinion really overshadowed Robert in the time they were up there

We also saw the end of Shirley King's set, the end of Sugar Blue's
set, The Kinsey Report (minus Big Daddy, gosh darn it) and then as
we were leaving, Jimmie Lee Robinson was playing and singing some
mean and dirty blues with a white guy harmonica player who was very

A guy named "LT" (not the football "LT") was serving up some great

This same small festival is the same one where I last saw Junior Wells
alive last year.  It brings a tear to the eye.

Wild Bill
Lombard, IL

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