Bob Wills/country vs blues

Phil Casden
Sun Jun 14 09:12:36 EDT 1998

OK, so I'll chime in and give my little IMHO.....

1> Bob Wills was one of those rare species, a musical INNOVATOR/
2> He suuccesfully wedded the existing country music at the time to a a JAZZ
sensibilty... and musically the stuff still stands up 40-50-80 years later.
3> He had the marketing and business skill to popularize what he created, and
literally create a musical genre, i.e. Western Swing.

               Bob Wills blues influences obviously were from the existing pre
ww2 Texas country blues and while perhaps were a source for song material to
an extent, were not such a great factor in his music.... sorry blus
chauvinists :) !!!!
               Bob Wills apparently was VERY influenced nusically by the swing
bands he heard on the radio, Benny Goodman, Basie, Duke, and people lik that.
He had the sense to know that "yankee music" would not earn him a great living
if played as he heard it on the radio, so he took the best,m incorporated it
into a form that was commercially viable, and came up BIG.
                 Another thing, I think if you really want to hear the "jazz"
in Will' music, listen to some of the piano pieces... I don't remember the
mans name offhand, but he  (or they) were pretty interesting.

                  Of course , this is just how I see it..... best way to RELLY
find out, is to (after reading all these posts) LISTEN to the MUSIC!!!!

                                  Phil Casden

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