Using a sound man vs. doing your own: question for musicians---

Sat Jun 13 13:38:55 EDT 1998

How many of you musicians on the list use a sound man regularly-- I mean
a guy or gal that YOU bring with you, specifially to do sound, work the
board, etc?

My band does not, as yet, do this.  All of the "big" rooms we play already
provide one.  That's probably about a third of our gigs, roughly.  In my
opinion, smaller places simply don't warrant it---miking all of the instruments
etc, and paying a 5th man a cut of a modest night's pay.

Besides tweaking EQ and balance, IMO, a sound man can really only turn you
up and run the sound reinforcement equipment that a big room needs to get
the sound out there, without putting amps on stage at deafening volume levels.
In my experience, a GOOD soundman is a fairly hands-off board operator who
gets things set and leaves it alone, tweaking only when the room fills
(or empties) with people and it's absorption changes.  Blues players just
don't need somebody monkeying with their sound---the musicians should an d
DO work their own dynamics, IMHO.  I'm talking specifically about blues here.

I'm not "anti-soundman", on the contrary, I think you can't do a big room
without one and sound good.  But there's a move afoot in my band to find
and retain a soundman to work all of our gigs, big or small, and to travel
with us around the region.  I think it's insane and totally unneccessary.
How many of you out there do this??

Working musicians, I wanna hear from you! :-)

Riffin Rick put this in context, I'm talking about our ~5-10 club dates per month.

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