maxdog maxdog@UNR.NET
Sat Jun 13 12:22:39 EDT 1998

No offense to the artist that came up with this but we need a new design.
It looks dated (not vintage cool). What works on a T-shirt doesn't
necessarily work on a  bumper sticker, different 'canvas'.  A logo needs to
be instantly identifiable and distinctive. A simple blue sticker with
BLUES-L in large white letters is preferable to an ornate indecipherable
piece of filigree. Just my opinions. Others are gladly accepted.


Curtis Hewston wrote:

> At 09:47 AM 6/13/98 -0400, maxdog wrote:
> >I, for one, have not seen these designs. Does anyone have a picture of
> them up
> >on a web site?
> Yep:
> http://thebluehighway.com/bltshirt.jpg
> --------------------------------
>         The Blue Highway
>    http://thebluehighway.com/
>        curtis@magicnet.net
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