Cornybread and Zeller Stickers

Robin Banks rbanks@CIACCESS.COM
Sat Jun 13 05:41:50 EDT 1998

MMMMMM, cornbread....

Bill Salmon wrote:

> BBQ Blues_L stickers and cornybread.. party at Maxdog's.
> OK, I smell a contest... or is that just me from not taking a shower yet
> this evening?
> The contest: the best Blues_L bumper sticker line.
> The rules: You must send your entry to me privately. Along with mailing
> address. I reserve the right personaly to choose my favorite.
> The prize: I will get the stickers printed, and send one free to all
> entrants, one sticker per entrant. (unless of course you want more, in
> which case, be sure and ask.) All non entrants will be requested to send a
> SASE and make a minimal contribution (any amount they choose) to Sal's
> project in NOLA.
> Requirement: I will not do this for one or two stickers. I am going to have
> to pay for a couple of hundred anyway. If I just wanted one, I would just
> get one made. In fact, I could make me one using my computer and color
> printer. If there is no interest or response, I will not bother.
> Grand Prize: I think while I am at it I will get maybe a dozen Blues_L caps
> made up and send the winner enough for the whole family. With of course one
> special cap to go to Princess Capri in recognition of her Blues_L
> laminates.
> Bill (loves a contest) Salmon

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