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Sat Jun 13 05:09:29 EDT 1998

Ocky Milkman wrote:

> ---PamBlues <pamblues@MAIL.LIG.BELLSOUTH.NET> wrote:
> >
> > Ocky Milkman wrote:
> > OCKY - Please note that Jukebaby said "I think" which makes it her
> opinion
> > and you certainly have carried the banner in the past for each of us
> to
> > have the right to state our opinions.
> *********************
> I have NEVER told anyone that they do not belong here, that they
> should "go away." Whether or not such comments are prefaced by "I
> think" is irrelevant, the argument of a Philadelphia lawyer.
> OM

  OCKY - the point that I made was that each of us has the right to
our opinions and that you have been one to champion that in the past...
Please don't change the subject

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