Bob Wills/country vs blues

Dave Therault
Sat Jun 13 04:23:44 EDT 1998

Just some impressions.

I think the Bob Wills "blues" sound inspired an approach to the basic
swing/blues form that is still readily identifyable as a standard repetory
model for contemporary C/W instrumentalists.

On the other side of the channel, listening to the "country" beat in the blues
of "You Know It Ain't Right" and "Mojo," we hear a completely singular
approach to the drumming and guitar/harp work, that renders a formula sound
entirely distinguishable from its treatment in C/W music, where it is a
quintessential form.

You're going to sound country or blues, depending on how you play it.

Example: "Tell Me Mama" from Willie Smith "Bag Full of Blues"
Nary a major pentatonic scale to be heard.

Contrast with any country artist recording of "Rocky Top."

-Dave Therault

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